Kiesha from xscape on pregnant and dating

kiesha from xscape on pregnant and dating
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DESCRIPTION: But "to each his own". May 23, 1. May 23, 9. I knew I recognized her.

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WE kid you not, they’re ‘Pregnant & Dating in new series

Do something Special for yourself Wow this is crazy as hell. Did she PhotoShop herself into those pics? Poor Tiny if true…. Damn i wanna suck her tittays.

SHADY BOOTS! Kiesha Miles Hides Her Pregnancy On ‘Pregnant & Dating’.

kiesha from xscape on pregnant and dating
My name is Carmen, 22.: I really enjoy my work but for me there is nothing better than to create a cozy and warm in my family! I am ready for this.

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  • She was also on that show Pregnant and Dating:..
  • NEWS: Xscape’s Kiesha Miles Is ‘Pregnant & Dating’
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  • Kiesha Miles From Xscape is PregnantAnd Dating | Lipstick Alley

Trifling, if this is true… Somebody need to spill some tea….. A verification email has been sent, please verify your account to post comments..

  • A few years later, she made a name for herself as a singer in the wildly popular R&B group, Xscape. Based in Atlanta, Ga. for most of her life, Kiesha went on to.
  • May 30, - Kiesha Miles, who you may recognize as being a member of the 90's girl group XScape (with Kandi Burruss!), who got pregnant from a guy she.
  • May 23, - Singer Kiesha Miles, formly of the group Xscape is Pregnant. She is going to be on a New Reality Show about Single Pregnant Women Kiesha miles from Pregnant And Dating/Tiny & Toya the one.

This is crazy as hell yo, if this is true then this chick is dirty lol lol. May 23, 3. Kiesha Miles From Xscape is Pregnant May 23, 7. A verification email has been sent, please verify your account to post comments. Who this chick is?

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