Naruto and sakura start dating fanfiction

naruto and sakura start dating fanfiction
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Tsunade's Thoughts On Naruto And Sakura Dating!

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DESCRIPTION: First I had to heal up his burns to xnd point where I could put a salve on them, then after applying it I was able to bandage him fanfictio. With all the presents wrapped Sakura wrote a love letter for each present. Home made mature video she kissed him on the cheek and told him she would miss naruto and sakura start dating fanfiction more than he would ever know. You can't really blame Hinata. This would also explain the clause in that contract we had to sign in the second test that said we couldn't tell anyone below chuunin level about anything that happened during the exam..

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Naruto's First Date Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

It was a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She liked pulling a prank just as much as the next person, and c'mon, free ramen. However after his three year mission with Jiraiya, he returns to Konoha to find that Ino is now with Shikamaru. As the blonde shinobi stumbled into the kitchen, his tired eyes widened. The day a woman pays on a date with Naruto Uzumaki is the day the world ends dattebayo! Still, comrades come before love, so she didn't feel too bad about it. I actually find his obliviousness adorable.


naruto and sakura start dating fanfiction
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Naruto had only told him a dozen or so times. I'm not so fragile that you can injure me with one strike..

  • She looked at him sadly, only barely acknowledging that he hadn't called her baachan, "I am not at liberty to divulge this information to you, Naruto..
  • Your True Love, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

A giant red and green scroll is tied to his back. Tsunade kept frowning, before an idea crept into her mind that made her crack a smile..

  • Aug 12, - While at Ichiraku's, Sakura started to get a little horny. Watching her date suck up all that ramen gave her lewd ideas and Naruto was oblivious.
  • May 27, - He loves her, she's too embarrased to accept a date. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U., Sakura H. - Chapters:
  • Jun 22, - In which Sasuke tries to do something nice for Naruto and Sakura's first anniversary. They'd only just gotten started. He wants a perfect anniversary with Sakura, with a proper date, and yet he stands there and says he's.

I never had a friend before I became a ninja, but I know how it feels to be thought of as useless. Naruto lay down on the ground, closing his eyes before he spoke. I broke his heart, didn't I? So Sakura had spent the past 5 years strengthening her friendship with the blonde hero. I don't naruto and sakura start dating fanfiction I'll be able to write you specifically for a while Sakura-chan… If I write you regularly I won't be able to get over you… But Naruto couldn't tell Sakura that. You're leaving the village for two years?

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