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My name is Karen, 19 years: I am quite changeable, unpredictable - never the same. I can be tough or gentle or instructive or submissive, but both - sensible and sensitive. Love teasing and laughing. Always trying to take things and life positively. Take relationships seriously, be it a lover or a friend. No game-playing, please! Just like anyone, I have been happy. Have been heart-broken. This is what life is made of, nothing doing. I believe, it takes time to get to know a person. It is never too late for anything. It always pays to give - and to get a second chance. Just give it a try..

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Nice vid but the quiz is pretty cheap!

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CNN, i don't have to say anything else!

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Don't you guys think Dwayne The Rock Johnson woulda also made an incredible Bane? One he's got the automatic build height. Wonder if anyone else tried out or did Nolan had no one else but Hardy in mind?

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I love garlic

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