Do you find hijabis good lookingor ar they a turn off

do you find hijabis good lookingor ar they a turn off
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Disrespected for Wearing a Hijab

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DESCRIPTION: Well, not me anyways, I'll admit a lot of guys are jerks and just want pleasure but if you look hard enough till find a kind one. Whether those assumptions are right or wrong about you would be irrelevant if I just see you across the room and don't know a thing about you. Or do you just find them unattractive? I'm an American atheist who used to date a Muslim woman. Why is beauty such a forum for debate?.

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Guys do you find girls in hijab unattractive? : AskMen

So, rather than worrying about other people, I started to listen to her. I attract none-muslim guys without even doing anything at all. Ayse Send a private message. It's not unattractive at all. I do not know what the reaction of your family will be, there are "honour" killings here and whilst I don't personally know anyone who has died that way I have certainly known young women who have been disowned by their families even from dating within their own community. Our bodies have become a painting for everyone but the painter to see.

My wife wears the hijab. I wish she didn't.

do you find hijabis good lookingor ar they a turn off
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I would get the dirtiest of looks..

  • It basically indicates that we have some fundamental lifestyle differences. The attractiveness factor is moot because of these other points I made..
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  • Why I Decided To Stop Wearing a Hijab After 10 Years

Any advice for this?.

  • Jan 5, - The most beautiful girl I have seen wearing a hijab was wearing a plain black one. I think I was attracted to the girl though, because usually I don't look twice at  What do guys think about girls who wear hijab?
  • Feb 5, - No: in general I don't find hijab wearing Muslim women physically attractive. A more extreme version of this question would be to ask: WHITE GUYS: Do you And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed. There are some men who appreciate muslim women's virtues of these traits, and  What do you think when you see a girl in hijab?
  • Apr 3, - They believe a girl wearing a hijab wouldn't want to date a christian/atheist. .. I think some women can definitely look attractive while wearing a hijab but it's . and meaning would be enough to be a complete turn off for me.

You can't just ignore perceptions, whether they are right or wrong, they are still there. I simply wish such attire was nonexistant. Edited on February 2, at I wonder what you'd do to start of I once wore long pants, not jeans, but my non-muslim friend still asked for my number. For my bias standards, yup, if you like Celine Dion, that's not attractive. Also close this question.

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