April 05 hot emo teen

april 05 hot emo teen
My name is Jennifer, 28 years: Hi! My name is Victoria and I’m 23. To start with, I’m looking for a serious man who always is ready to help and protect me. I don’t care about age, weight, religious and political believes or other such stuff because only a person who loves you can be a piece of puzzle that perfectly fits in. Yes, I’m romantic and naïve but I sincerely believe in true love and a man that is only mine by the destiny so be ready to find yours). I’m also searching for a caring husband and dad. I have a daughter and would be extremely happy to find her a father ‘cause a child should have a role model to follow. That’s why such features as seriousness, compassion and love for children are important for me. In addition, I think I’ll be loving wife as I believe that giving is much more important than getting. Besides, I’m a good cook and a responsible housewife so you don’t need to worry about delicious meal as you can always ask me to cook whatever you like and you will always see be a tidy house and wear clean clothes). I don’t like very noisy places and prefer quiet ones like parks, streets at nights and countryside. By the way, you’ll never find more loyal person than I am as I can’t image that I can cause somebody to be sad or disappointed. The reason for this is my belief in the fact that your behavior and attitude define your personality and life in general..

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april 05 hot emo teen
My name is Evelyn, 26.: I'm a woman with BIG ambitions! What I wanna say? I am like fire. I am hot and bright inside. I'm very simple, but have a big passion inside of me. I am very loving, tender and open for my man, I am ready to find compromis if it is needed. You can see in my photos that I can be different - calm, playful, adventuresome, shy. So I know how to surprise you every single day I'm sociable and like to learn something new every day! And the most important is that I really search for my second half.I love different kinds of movie, music, taking photographs on the nature and everything that makes my life brighter! I adore going to the theatre and moreover I try to develop my artistic ambitions. I am fond of learning new cultures, traditions and meeting new people. love travelling very much.I believe I am a normal and ordinary girl. There is nothing spectacular about me. Positive thinking, pleasant appearance, open and friendly girl. My keywords are will, initiative, passion, confidence. I love to inspire and encourage people around me, because I think that each of us needs support and helping hand. In love, I only believe in loyalty, trust and sharing.Young at heart, kind, caring, sometimes crazy and spontaneous, adventurist lady. In love, the most regret is to miss. Did I miss something? If you are looking for educated, gentle, romantic girl, then you have chosen the correct profile, because it's all about me. I love to communicate and find a common language with different people, always avoid conflicts. I love life and I would like to learn something new about the world. I think I am good friend because I am always ready to help in any situation and to listen. I believe that people should be treated the way you want them to treat you. I have too many hobbies but I want to mention some.In childhood I was visiting a music school and right now I am also interesting in playing piano and trying to learn playing on a guitar. I am fond of listening music and I am very good at singing. I lead a very active way of life. I attend a sport gym three times a week. I like jogging in the morning as it also keeps my fit :) I visit dancing classes as I enjoy dancing so much. So my life is always full of great emotions.

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