Do girls prefer tanned or pale guys

do girls prefer tanned or pale guys
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5 Fashion Tips for Guys with PALE SKIN

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DESCRIPTION: I've never seen a male celeb with pale skin. Use the search tool and FAQ before you post. So no, I don't care about how pale they are, nor how dark they are..

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Do girls prefer tan guys to pale guys? | Yahoo Answers

Tanned skin looks too rough. People have stereotyped this kind of guy as a "dumb surfer boy". Skin is just what holds your insides in. I think skin that's paper white is ugly. Most people in the gym call me the "Arms guy". I don't know about you guys but I couldn't care less about a girl's skin tone.

Girls, do you prefer tan or pale guys?.

do girls prefer tanned or pale guys
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This thread seems so similar to the "do guys like women who wear makeup"-issue. Revision home Revision homepage..

  • When your skin tans in response to ultraviolet radiation, that is a form of skin damage. Register a new account..
  • Do girls prefer tan guys to pale guys?
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Follow 2 I prefer paler guys with kinda creamy colored skin:.

  • Nov 4, - (Original post by robthefool) Just a general question.. I know everybody will have different opinions, but given the good weather recently, I am developing a nice tan and wondering what your preference is? see moresee less. Define "tan" and "pale". And by "define" I mean pics. 0. Reply · you prefer tanned skin or pale?
  • If you have any insight sure I'm really pale, wondering if its hurting my chances. I'm pretty sure it does.. in summer if there's two guys exactly the same wearing a singlet, one pale one tan, the tan guy will most likely get the looks.. I know with guys, we prefer a tan girl rather than a pale Bella looking chick girls like tan guys? srs.
  • I've heard that most girls only like tan guys (aka Taylor Lautner) and don't like guys with lighter skin. True or not? It all depends on the guys other features. If a guy has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is tan, that look seems asked under Girl's Behavior.

I quite like pale if im honest! I think it makes lots of sense. I think girls psle all say tanned though. I would feel awkward, honestly, to be with a tan man since I'm so pale. What's going on in this thread?

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