Why cant some guys take no for an answer

why cant some guys take no for an answer
My name is Mary, 21 years: I'm very active actually, I like travelling so much, I like to dance and go in for sports. Also I'm in love with the sea, so every summer I spend time over there. Life is cool really, so I enjoy every little thing, like walking under the rain and catch the crystal drops with my mouth, I adore to get up early and say Hi to the sun. I love animals so much, especially lovely dogs and cats. I love this life and I miss my man whom I can share all these things together!.

When A Guy Won't Take No For An Answer

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DESCRIPTION: Please don't use the comments to advertise. Our society makes jokes about rape and is quicker to defend an alleged rapist than to consider the side of the accuser. So, to all the males who refuse to take no for an answer: Already answered Not a question Bad question Other..


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3 Ways to Deal With a Man That Will Not Take No for Answer

Whoever people choose to be in a moment towards you reflects purely how they feel inside about themselves and you are just an outlet through which they try to feel a little better about themselves. How dare you disrespect the supreme gentleman. Thank god I wasn't alone, but if I was I'd be really scared: In reality in these situations the girl has the power and will just reject him repeatedly and make him feel the rejection repeatedly, although it must be annoying for girls. Removing this guy as a friend or follower should prevent him from being able to contact you any further. We do not want to give you a hug. This Day in History — May 7.


why cant some guys take no for an answer
My name is Anne, 28.: When I'am with someone, it is very important for me to know that this person is happy. If he is not happy, then I will do my best to bring joy to his life and spark a radiant smile on his face.

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  • You cpuld still win her over. Get help from law enforcement if needed..
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  • An Open Letter to the Guys Who Don’t Take No for an Answer

You cpuld still win her over. Original post by Kravence Some guys can't take rejection well even if they didn't lose anything lol..

  • Sep 7, - Some men can't take no for an answer because they're entitled, whiny brutes who fancy themselves pick-up artists and see a woman turning them down as a  Why don't some guys take 'no' for an answer and.
  • Jump to Handling Men in Person - You always have a right to say no; this is important in If you feel that this guy is likely to hurt you or make you extremely If he won't listen to you, maybe he'll listen to someone in a position of power.
  • An Open Letter to the Guys Who Don't Take No for an Answer . Those qualities may be useful in some aspects of our lives, but dating is not one of them.

If he knows where you live and seems dangerous, get a security system. Original post by PrinceWilliams Thanks. This Day in History — May 7. Did this article help you? We welcome reader comments on the top stories soem the day.

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