Funny things to say to strangers online

funny things to say to strangers online
My name is Jessie, 24 years: I am very energetic ukrainian woman. My character is like your dream: I’m calm, caring, tender, kind and sincere. I am very faithful and reliable. And you always will have romantic parties, that will be finished by passionate nights. ou will never find me absolutely sad or bored as I am always on the move. But with this said I dream of the moment of total silence between me and my man where we are nothing but a true paradise for each other..

Dumbest Fails On The Internet of 2015 #28

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DESCRIPTION: Back when Halo 2 came t it was the first multiplayer game I really used chat with and I think that was the case for a lot of people because I heard a lot of weird stuff. Hamst3r Follow Forum Posts: It'd be nice iof people at least said something witty online. Does she cook you din-din every night, and then rub your belly?.

#1 alexandra9: 6:11 and 7:05 LMFAO

#2 Fangech: Well.texted the guy I've been involved with the past 6 months that I thought he was the sexiest man on the planet 3 hours response. I think I'll take it from here.

#3 linewax1: Njnhuuin

#4 al0891t02: This is by far the best cake that I have seen. Well done!

#5 Xtreme4: el psg compro a neymar para ganar la champions no serian tan idiotas para venderlo al madrid e incluso juegan con ellos en octavos , SERIA ESTUPIDO.

#6 feduk934: With regards to the first question, I think Ben is underestimating the urgency of the situation. I actually DO think this is the last chance (if it's not already too late), because Hillary wants to bring in millions of immigrants who will, statistically, overwhelmingly vote democrat. Every presidency that is served by pro-immigration candidates erodes the conservative chance of ever winning again. Even if you don't like Trump, I think voting for him is the only move if you ever want to win again in the future. Edit: I think Obamacare is going to be the death of government healthcare because the payouts are going to be so low that doctors will stop accepting it Except if you have Hillary in office with a left leaning Supreme Court because she got to appoint a few justices, she'll just pass a law forcing them to accept it.

#7 runner1991: If you really believe the world would be better without humanity, find a bridge, a rooftop, a gun, a knife, whatever, and take the first step :D it's better off without you, right?

#8 dgdfgdfg: D para falar direito ou devagar d para falar direito ou

#9 fax1990: 0:05 song nane pls?


#11 dvpdvp: Do you want to spend a night with a hot girl and have sex?

#12 mamusa: not interesting

#13 Chmult: Happy birthday shawn

#14 Aba91: I enjoyed it

#15 dvarf123: will crystal sing?

#16 Weaq: What happens when two sociopaths stare at each other? Does one win?

#17 as1234: crazy intro!

#18 slay7: Because ben shipero speed is 2.0 i thought that putting the video speed at 0.5 would normalize it, however, it is hilarious! he sounds like a drunk guy at 0.5 speed

#19 freskos10: Te recomiendo que agregues algo de msica, es muy notable los silencios y el sonido llega a estar muy sucio (se escuchan carros, etc tienes buenas ideas solo falta pulir cosas tcnicas.

#20 warlock222: Happy Birthday Evangeline

#21 novoplano1: Greatest player ever. Will shatter the record books.

#22 GerDevi: Tontoo no te agas el tontoooooo

#23 yuri17: tienes muchos juguetes

#24 liney12: Dragonfly by tim utfled

39 Funny Things To Do To Freak Out Strangers !

Vah nortek chocolate gharseth credit card thwoorntag gasoline gustavavadagwardestoon mesartug blue waffle mayrtaug tubgirl, comrades! DethSkematik Follow Forum Posts: Desulated Follow Forum Posts: It'd be nice iof people at least said something witty online. The best part was when this real obnoxious 12 year old the kid sounded prepubescent started mouthing off to Hank, and Hank kept calling him Bobby and threatening to ground him. Far Cry 5's story is a real let-down, but the action still makes for a solid co-op experience.

funny things to say to ppl online.

funny things to say to strangers online
My name is Barbara, 27.: Do you enjoy every day of your life? Are you ready for a hurricane of feelings? If yes, that you and I are walking the same path. Sometimes I am mysterious and playful, but I can always show the warmth and tenderness I like to be in cozy places, to feel pleasant aromas and just to enjoy good music, it would be nice to do it together, is not it? I think that you can feel me better if you write to me)

My circle of friends still use it as an inside joke from time to time. No one has ever said anything funny in a game with voice chat..

  • I discovered that frogs are herbivores! Now, what can I use to board up the windows?.
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But usually people just make annoying noisesusing the voice changer to make their voices incredible high pitched.

  • I cant really say the things i say to people online. Heres one: Kid: Your mom Me: Nice comment, what are you 12? Wow, I hate all these twelve.
  • Life is fun, we must learn how to go through it having fun. It will surprise you some of the things that make people laugh, there are some things you can say in a.
  • These are some things that you could say in a conversation and people would When I'm High, I think of weird things so this is basically putting you through.

Playing Halo 2 online, we were playing a custom game of rockets on the map Warlock. They are in my HEAD! It was so unbelievable for me. I can't think of any specific times but hearing the guy sing "Money,Money,Money! That topic being that cornflakes are evil.

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Nina es una hija de su reputisima madrw que son de pascua

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Anyone else come here expecting to learn how to get into any phone? These vids are total click bait with their tumbnails

#3 22.07.2018 at 01:59 loonacy:
I wanted to be identified as a black guy but it didn't work and people still called me a cat.

#4 28.07.2018 at 17:18 titoff116:
I like the Hulk nail

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Uno de los videos con ms vistas y likes de el berthungas

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This is adorable! KSA

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He's not okay (he promised I'm sorry Edit: why am I getting likes

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bruh everyone hated the white kid in the kids eat Filipino food so much that they disabled comments

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well if she got that many stitches.their not visible AT ALL .so great job on all the laser treatments and chemical peels you have the money its amazing what you can do.So why all the freaking fuss? YOU literally look the grateful and shush it up.others not so fortunate mmk

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to the playoffs. yessssssss

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its called BLACK MAGIC

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. . .

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I love the old smosh

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Great vido ! What is the song please ?

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Omg hiponitize dog,talking dog and singing dog dancing dogs I am lover of dogs

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Hello should I start a YouTube Channel I love you

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it is gay get a life man you pinice

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Salo iski nangi photo dekao

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falta el.chicharito :v

#22 12.11.2018 at 10:14 hanetr:
lo que yo daria por una profe asi chicos asta mi novia meba aponer buenas notas y ademas mela cjo que vida tiene ese chico q parese un maricon jajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajaajjaajan

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Eddie Bravo's I'm crazy remark is such a weak cop out